Little by Little

Little By Little is a performing arts volunteer program that provides access for aspiring dancers, singers, and actors/actresses who do not have traditional exposure to performing arts, with a focus on those who have been affected by personal crisis, illness, or disasters around the world.

Little By Little was created by performer Raquel Wallace when she was 10 years old. It was not until the help of fellow performer and friend Chloe Lang that the Little By Little program really began to take shape.

Little By Little is comprised of more than 40 young entertainers from the Broadway, TV, and dance world who offer their time and talents to the organization. Little by little, performers have joined the efforts.

This recording was from a group of rising, talented kids from the New England ­Broadway, Theatre, and Performing Arts community. The song was specifically written and donated for Little By Little by Mani Svavarsson and Gem King — songwriters, lyricists, and script contributors of LazyTown, an International Emmy Nominated children’s show!

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